What’s New with Old?

June 1, 2020 - June 25, 2020
223 W. Foothill Boulevard


In his book The Three Secrets of Aging John Robinson writes, “Aging is an initiation into a new and extraordinary phase of life, a profound transformation of self and consciousness, and the revelation of heaven and earth all around us.” This e-course calls us to re-envision ourselves as vibrant and spirited elders. What would change if we each decided to finally claim our authentic voice? What if each of us saw this as our time to emerge from the chrysalis of our lives with a clarity and passion to live with creative and purposeful choices? And, what if we each decided to truly listen to ourselves and be open to the synergy of younger people in the creation of a new day, of a new world, by using our elder wisdom?

These are important questions to ponder when envisioning a thriving world at this time in history. How we view the aging process in our culture affects the way we choose to live our lives. We will explore expansive ways of aging gracefully and energetically as we cover these topics:

  • What’s New with Old, Anyway?
  • How Do I Stay Vibrant at Any Age?
  • How Do I Choose to Show Up in the World?
  • How Can I Create Meaningful Relationships?
  • How Can I Truly Hear Another?
  • How Do I Share the Joy of Nature With a Child?
  • How Can I be An Inspiration To Others?
  • What is a “Second Mountain” Journey?

This course consists of eight emails, sent to you Mondays and Thursdays over the course of a month. Each email includes:

  • An introductory focus followed by reflections on the day’s topic;
  • A “Story behind the Story” that gives you a personal glimpse of the topic in action;
  • Questions for thought and practice;
  • A blessing;
  • Additional resources to pursue for more information; and,
  • An invitation to be part of the Practice Circle, a forum open 24/7 to our worldwide community for sharing questions and experiences that arise from the course.