Time, Participation in Christ, and Theosis in Paul

July 4, 2022 - July 8, 2022
July 4, 2022 - July 8, 2022 Time: 9:00 am for 3 Hours (9am (PT) / 12pm (ET) / 1pm (AT))
Audit: $285; Credit: $360

We will think about how we think about time, particularly in regard to Paul: did Paul think of time as moving forward consecutively under God’s planned direction, or that through Christ time has been interrupted by God, establishing an already/not yet temporality?

We will think about how Paul might have understood life in Christ – do we share Christ’s experiences of faith, death and resurrection?

We will think about whether Paul thought that the goal of the Christian life is becoming like God/Christ.

Course will be taught in person at VST, and via Zoom for distance students (degree students must connect synchronously if studying via Zoom)