Sacred Art: God at the Gallery

October 31, 2020 - November 28, 2020
2pm ET*** on SATURDAY October 31, SATURDAY November 14, and SATURDAY November 28, 2020
Offered by Insider's Travel
$75 USD per person, for all 3 sessions, $30 USD per person, for 1 session.

Throughout the ages, Christian art served the twofold objective of paying homage to God whilst serving as a didactic illustration for the population. These illuminating sessions will introduce participants to how different artistic traditions from countries such as Spain, Italy and Flanders have depicted the most significant events in the Bible. Formidable traditions governed the representation of religious scenes, and yet artists of the past continually renewed them through creative engagement with established conventions. During these three non-sequential sessions, we will analyse in depth works from the 13th century to the 18th century, including paintings by Bosch, Van der Weyden, Fra Angelico, El Greco, Zurbarán and Velázquez.

This three-part series of art history classes is given by art historian and award-winning Madrid-based guide Teresa de la Vega.

Guests may sign up for one class or all three.


Saturday 31st October – The Creation

Saturday 14th November – The Nativity

Saturday 25th November – The Passion