Sacred Arts in a Pluralistic Society: An Inter-Religious Conference

Vancouver School Of Theology

Vancouver School of Theology Attend in person or via Zoom Access recordings through June 30 The creative visual, musical, literary, and performing arts help shape ideas and beliefs. Sometimes, art can communicate more quickly, powerfully, and universally than words can. Within spiritual traditions, arts express stories, attitudes, and emotions. Teachers use arts to introduce their …
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Singing Creation: Exploring your Full Voice through Song

Kirkridge Retreat Center

Why Not Sing? A Weekend Immersion in Community Singing When you get up in the morning, why not sing? When you’re sitting down for dinner, why not sing? When your heart is full of grief, you could find some relief If you sing, why not sing?                                                             – Barbara McAfee Singing is an ancient and …
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Worship Leader Training

Trinity School for Ministry

Fast-Track Development With Andy Piercy (UK), Rachel Wilhelm (United Adoration), & Mike O’Brien (Vineyard) In this three-day seminar, Andy Piercy and friends will offer workshops and teaching for any active volunteer and staff worship leaders looking for practical and easily accessible advice to improve, deepen, and refresh their ministries. Join others involved in music ministry …
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Reading Poetry Devotionally: How Poems Nurture Our Spiritual Lives

Yale Divinity School

The poet Dana Gioia once asked in a book of this title, “Can Poetry Matter?” That question of course begs another question: matter in what ways? We may read poetry for any number of reasons, but this class considers how poetry nurtures, and enriches, our spiritual lives. By our close reading of poems together from …
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Christian Poetics

Regent College

Christian Poetics is an exploration of literary aesthetics, delving into what defines the nature and quality of literature. While this is primarily a course in literary criticism, students of art, literature, and culture will delight in discovering the interplay between form and function in the works of classical and Christian thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, …
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Chinese Art & the Gospel: From the Tang Dynasty to Today

Vancouver School Of Theology

PURPOSE: The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the history of Chinese Christian Art from the Tang Dynasty to the contemporary era, while also exploring the development of Chinese Church architecture. Additionally, I will share my personal journey as a Christian artist.   Having served as a former board member of ACAA …
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The Holy Spirit & the Arts

Regent College

For centuries many have perceived a strong bond between the work of the Spirit and artistic creativity. Talk of inspiration, spirituality, and the life of the spirit abounds when the arts are in view. This course asks why this might be so. What is it about the arts that lends themselves so easily to “spirit-talk”, …
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Reading as a Spiritual Practice

Regent College

How we read may matter as much as what we read. What can we learn from the tradition about how to read the Bible spiritually? In this course, we will look in particular at Dorothy L. Sayers’s way of reading. Raised by an Anglican priest, Sayers was well-versed in the tradition’s way of reading Scripture. …
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