Perspectives on Medical Assistance in Dying: Ethical, Pastoral, Theological, and Cultural

January 30, 2024 - February 13, 2024
Tuesday evenings, January 30th to February 13th, 2024, 7:00pm to 8:30pm Eastern Time
Regular: $90/person, $200/group Friends of the College: 75$/person, $165/group

Since its legalization in Canada in 2015, Medical Assistance in Dying has become a significant part of end-of-life care. Since 2015, legislation has expanded eligibility for MAID and there are proposals for further expansion. MAID is now part of the social landscape of Canadian society, posing new questions and challenges for Christians.

This non-credit online course from Montreal Dio is an opportunity to encounter a variety of Christian perspectives on Medical Assistance in Dying. Participants will learn more about the ethical questions it raises and how some Christian traditions are answering them. There will also be attention paid to the pastoral questions it raises and how Christians can minister sensitively in a context in which MAID is legal. And there will be an opportunity to consider broader theological and cultural questions about what the legalization of MAID says about the nature of Canadian society and economics and how the church is called to respond.

This course will be co-taught by Cory LaBrecque, Erin LeBrun, and Jesse Zink.