Marc Chagall Paints the Bible

September 2, 2022 - September 4, 2022
September 2-4, 2022 (Friday check in before 5:30 pm dinner to Sunday departing after lunch)
Cost: $350
Niagara FallsON

Presenter:  Fr. Craig E. Morrison, O.Carm.

Born into poverty in Belarus, Marc Chagall endured a most turbulent time with the violent collapse of czarist Russia and two world wars.  In 1941, he and his wife, Bella, fled for their lives to New York escaping the Shoah while carrying with them the White Crucifixion (a Chagall masterpiece now part of Chicago’s Art Institute).  During these insane 20th Century years, Chagall created over 100 paintings and etchings of the Bible, his luminous brush casting dreamy, radiant, mystical, and magical biblical themes onto the canvas. We will mediate on his art and enter into the biblical world as Chagall imagined it.