Leadership Qualities from Miriam & Moses to Jesus & Mary: Vision, Courage, & Meekness

August 26, 2021 - October 28, 2021
10 weeks starting August 26 from 7-8pm Eastern Time

The Prophets Miriam her brother Moses, “the meekest man in Israel” (Numbers 12:3), lead Israel from slavery in Egypt to national identity under God. Miriam leads the people in celebrating God’s deliverance at the Red Sea (Exodus 15); Moses mediates God’s Laws to Israel. In 1st CCE Israel, the prophet Jesus teaches God’s laws as a meek King (Matthew 21:5), whilst Mary prepares disciples to proclaim God’s realm courageously after his death and resurrection. What are the qualities of meek leadership for men like Moses and Jesus, and women like Mary? Are there meek dispositions and practices we can emulate today?