Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning (Ongoing Groups)

July 23, 2022 - December 31, 2030
Ongoing, and each group has its own schedule
Likely free

The Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning is a network, maybe even a movement, not a program agency.

Our primary work is connecting the many people across Canada in intercultural ministry and through the Canadian Churches. Together we support each other and learn from each other as we live into God’s vision of “Shalom,” “Beloved Community,” or Interculturality.

Help us connect you to the “tables” of FILL. A 2018 consultation and 2020 research into the impact of FILL’s work have shaped several FILL groups. Each has a steering committee, and a larger group of people who participate in activities based on interest or availability.

Current groups include:

Training for Transformation

This is an Intercultural Ministry learning lab. Members of this group meet on an ad hoc as needed basis to design and facilitate resources and program for Intercultural Ministry. Rather than a group that meets as a full committee, smaller groups meet around projects of interest. This is also a space of co-learning and of mentoring program designers and facilitators.

Connect with this group if you are interested in growing your skills to design or facilitate program, for help taking the programs and resources of FILL into your local community or ministry context, or to offer the insights and learnings of your context and your gifts.

Canadian Ecumenical Anti-Racism Network

CEARN meets three times a year as a space of mutual support and learning from each other to support anti-racism work in and through Canadian Churches. As needs are identified, smaller groups of CEARN members come together for initiatives such as resource creation, workshops, and events.

Connect with this group if you are engaged in racial justice in and through Canadian churches, to share or connect with Canadian racial justice resources, or you are interested in a space of mutual support and learning from each other around racism in Canada.  Learn more about CEARN activities and resources.

Theology and Research

This table invites, fosters, and amplifies the many people working toward theologies of interculturality, connecting faith based intercultural ministry to the learning of other disciplines, and initiates and brings together research on intercultural ministry in the churches. A small steering group meets monthly and regularly invites conversations with larger groups.

Connect with this group if you are interested in conversations on theologies and research on interculturality in Canada.  Recent work of this group is: “Framework and Guiding Principles: An Invitation to Conversation and Dialogue”

Program Local Host Groups

FILL programs are offered across Canada. This always starts with an invitation. Let us know if you think there is need and interest in a program in your context and if you can help us connect with others. We can work with you to form a local ecumenical host group for our 5-day “Engage Difference!” program or offer a shorter workshop. Learn more about hosting the Engage Difference! program

The FILL Network

This is the wider group of all the people connected to FILL. You can continue to connect to FILL resources and receive invitations to FILL activities through our e-newsletter or our webpage (teaser–coming soon we will launch a redesign of our website to make connecting easier.) If you indicate your interest we will make sure we have your correct contact information on our e-newsletter list.