Crash Course: Church

September 1, 2023 - December 31, 2025
Any time, on-demand modules
Offered by Luther Seminary
St PaulMN

Embrace the Past, Transform the Future with a ‘Crash Course’ on Church History.

What you’ll learn

Embark on the transformative “Crash Course: Church”—an on-demand journey that unravels the historical origins of the Christian church and offers theologically-sound answers to common questions posed by spiritual seekers, new believers, and Christian disciples alike.

Delve into the church’s development under the guidance of esteemed theologians, empowering you as an aspiring leader in your congregation or local community. Draw inspiration from entrepreneurial Christians who embrace innovative approaches to church engagement, fueling your creativity to connect with diverse communities. Equipped with a deeper theological understanding, you’ll be poised to support others on their spiritual growth journey, catalyzing their spiritual development with confidence and wisdom.