Changing Church: Missional Practices and/for Beloved Community

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

What does it mean to lead during a time of religious, sociocultural, and environmental upheaval? What can churches do differently to better reflect and nurture gospel values and God’s dream of a just, reconciled, Spirit-filled world? This course in missional leadership will ask these and related questions. We will explore concepts and experience practices of …
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Reimagining Church

Niagara School for Missional Leadership

The course is for anyone eager and willing to explore Christian faith in a fresh way that is at the same time ancient and yet relevant to today’s world. Are you frustrated by the decline in church attendance and ministry participation at your parish? Perhaps you’re hearing the buzz around terms like “missional church,” “discipleship,” …
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A People’s Theology of the Church

Stevenson School of Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

What is the New Testament’s Vision of Our Mission and Ministry? In this course, we will look again at what key parts of the New Testament have to say about the assemblies of Jesus’ disciples, which we call the church. We will explore what these assemblies were, what they did, and why they did it. …
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Bridging Us: a learning party

New Leaf Network

In a world where there is always a “them,” how do we move toward more “us” in our life? Saskatoon is known as the City of Bridges, even so we can find it difficult to build relational bridges, to reach out and start new conversations or initiatives. Join us to be inspired by how people …
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Spirit-Led Solutions through Human-Centered Design

Luther Seminary

Each member of your congregation or community is fearfully and wonderfully made, and every challenge you face together is commensurately complex. How can you gain a deep understanding of the needs and stories of these diverse humans around you—and use that understanding to seek spirit-led solutions to the multilayered problems that arise in your community? …
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Minor in Pastoral Studies (30 Credits)

École de théologie évangélique du Québec

An initiation to Evangelical Studies by way of an incursion into Scripture, theology, missiology and pastoral practices. The student acquires conceptual tools as well as basic skills necessary to interact with and serve both Church and society. The Minor in Pastoral Studies leads to a Université Laval diploma or can be the first year of …
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Starting a Fresh Expression of Church

Luther Seminary

Unlocking the Future of Community Engagement with Fresh Expressions What you’ll learn What could it look like to nurture thriving, fully-developed faith communities that live somewhere permanently outside the confines of traditional church buildings? In “Starting a Fresh Expression of Church,” we invite you to embark on the transformative journey of redefining how you perceive …
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