Christian Thought and Culture I

September 6, 2022 - December 6, 2022
Sep 6 - Dec 6 Days: Tue Time: 1:30PM - 3:00PM (Pacific Time)
Offered by Regent College

This course and its partner, CTC II, are organized around the theme of “Christian Humanism.” Christian Humanism is our name for an integrative, Christ-centred approach to human identity and world-engagement that flows directly from the gospel and its interpretation in the early church. “God became human so that we could become fully human by becoming like Christ” is the joyous, liberating Christian humanist message. In this course, we explore how this good news has shaped the Christian faith and its impact on culture. What does it mean to live out the Christian Story comprehensively and with integrity in the midst of cultures shaped to some or a great extent by counter-stories? What does it mean, in the broadest terms, to confess that Jesus is Lord – a statement that lays claim to all of human thought and activity, public as well as private, to all of history, and indeed to the entire created world? These are some of the questions CTC aims to address. Along with CTC II, the course is intended to provide an historical, theological, and cultural complement to OT and NT Foundations, and Church History I & II. CTC I covers the period from the beginning of Christianity to the Protestant Reformation in the 16th centuryand its immediate aftermath. CTC II covers the period from the early seventeenth century down to the present (i.e., modernity, post-(or late) modernity, and most recent cultural developments.

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If you intend to take CTC II (INDS 502) in the Winter Term, you will be asked to remain in the same tutorial section you attended in the Fall Term. We suggest that you fill out your Tutorial Request immediately upon registration to increase your chances of getting the desired section. Tutorial groups will be determined by the first day of class and the results will be posted outside of the class room.