Can Faith Survive Online?

November 5, 2022 - November 5, 2022
Saturday November 5, 2022 9am - 4pm CST
Online: livestream, free In-Person: Canadian Mennonite University, $15/$25

Join us for a discussion of some of the most pressing questions of our age. Is the internet friend or foe? Is it a miraculous common good birthing a future of hope? Is it a privacy mine field brewing anxiety and pulling strings at scale? And what impact does it have on the age-old existential questions? What does it mean to be human? To live a good life? Does it bring us together or drive us apart? And how does it till the fields usually considered the domains of faith: transcendence, morality, ethics, hope, charity?Our guides for the day are seasoned experts, thought leaders who have wandered the terrain ahead and are willing to share what they’ve discovered.Featuring presentations from:

  • Katherine Schmidt: Associate Professor & Chair of Theology and Religious Studies Molloy University, New York
  • Nora Young: Host and creator of Spark, CBC’s national radio show and podcast about technology and culture
  • Michael Coren: Columnist, author and Anglican priest. The award-winning author of 18 books.
  • David Balzer: Associate Professor of Communications and Media Canadian Mennonite University