Beyond Culture Wars Fostering Solidarity in an Age of Polarization Conference

Waterloo Lutheran Seminary

Martin Luther University College and the Institute for Christian Studies will present the conference, “Beyond Culture Wars: Fostering Solidarity in an Age of Polarization.” Hosted at the campus of Martin Luther University College (Wilfrid Laurier University), this event will be an education and discussion forum for faith communities, and for the larger public, to counter …
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Sacred Arts in a Pluralistic Society: An Inter-Religious Conference

Vancouver School Of Theology

Vancouver School of Theology Attend in person or via Zoom Access recordings through June 30 The creative visual, musical, literary, and performing arts help shape ideas and beliefs. Sometimes, art can communicate more quickly, powerfully, and universally than words can. Within spiritual traditions, arts express stories, attitudes, and emotions. Teachers use arts to introduce their …
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Practical Preaching in the Digital Age

Center for Anglican Learning & Leadership (CALL)

This is a hands-on preaching and digital ministry course for new preachers. Learn to preach from the ground up comfortable in the pulpit and online. This will NOT be manuscript preaching! We will practice a conversational, video-friendly, note-free sharing of Good News. Preachers will learn to: Use the ‘Triangle Preaching Process’ – Scripture, situation, self. …
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Reading the Times: Christian Responses to the News of the Day

Regent College

What role should the news play in the life of a disciple of Christ? This may seem like a contemporary concern, one made acute by political polarization, social media, and ubiquitous screens. And indeed we are living through a time when technological and cultural forces are causing drastic upheavals in the news industry. This course …
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Collection of Lifelong Learning Courses

Virginia Theological Seminary

Virginia Theological Seminary has a series of “always available” courses available at the link provided. Here is what they say about them: “Lifelong Learning provides continuous opportunities for theological education in the service of faithful leadership. It is for the committed and the curious, lay and clergy eager to claim and explore their Christian vocations …
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