Anglican Homiletics

August 22, 2022 - October 31, 2022
Weekly starting Aug 22 at 8:30pm for 10 weeks (online).

This course is both for the student preacher and the experienced preacher. Preaching is an integral part of the Anglican tradition. This course builds on previous training in homiletics but is appropriate for preachers with extensive or limited experience. Throughout the course, the spirituality of preaching will be stressed especially for preachers involved in bivocational or non-stipendiary ministry. Three sermons will be discussed and delivered: liturgical, pastoral, and prophetic sermons. Students will preach three times, videotaping themselves and the class will discuss the sermons via Zoom. Therefore, access to a digital recorder and a webcam/microphone will be required.

Scholarship funds to help you  pay for this course are available if you can demonstrate need and if you are a member of a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Central PA.  For information on scholarships please contact the Dean.

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