Advanced Old Testament Exegesis

January 18, 2023 - April 19, 2023
Wednesdays, Jan 18 - Apr 19 , 2023, from 9am-12 noon (Vancouver time)
Offered by Regent College
Tuition rates for Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 will be: $505 per credit hour $375 per audit hour

This course aims to further student competence in the interpretation of the texts of the Old Testament. It presupposes knowledge of the basic steps of exegesis (as introduced in BIBL 503) and a growing awareness of the history of criticism (BIBL 600). It also presupposes a sound grasp of elementary Hebrew and a desire to move forward with more advanced Hebrew reading.

The textual focus of the class will be on the book of Joshua, especially the first eleven chapters. The book of Joshua provides ample opportunity to explore the complex intersection of issues related to history, literature, ethics, and theology that confront interpreters.

Each weekly class will consist first of student presentations that delve into a topic of the student’s choosing and relevant to the texts of the day (the student is encouraged to confer with the professor regarding the topic[s] being considered). There will then follow a mixture of lecture and discussion, leading on to conclusions about the contemporary implications of Joshua for Christians.

NOTE: This course has a maximum enrollment of 20 students.

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