Twelve Steps for Everybody: An Invitation to Growth

March 6, 2020 - March 8, 2020
Suggested Donation: $305
1615 Rte 9W
Hyde ParkNY12538

The Twelve Steps have been a tool for millions of people recovering from alcoholism, addiction to drugs, food, gambling, sex, and others, as well as people whose lives have been touched by addicts and alcoholics. The 12-Step “movement” has been called the most important spiritual development of the past century. And yet, the Steps in fact are the same spiritual path practiced by serious seekers of many faiths. They begin by facing our powerlessness, but they lead us to new life.

You do not have to be touched by addiction to use the Steps. You simply need to be willing to grow, to trust God, to face your “defects” and their results, and to serve others. It’s the universal “narrow way.”

In this retreat we will learn about the history and spirituality of the Steps. We will get some time to “practice,” to try on the Steps, and to consider how to integrate this process into our lives.

This retreat is aimed especially for those who are not in 12-Step programs already. If you are in a recovery program and want to attend, it is essential to come as a beginner. Come with an open mind and heart and let yourself learn again how more step work can further your growth.


Shane Phelan, CMA is the co-founder of the Companions of Mary the Apostle, a religious community for followers of Christ of all genders. The Companions blend settled “monastic” life with networked active members. You can learn more about the Companions at She is an Episcopal priest, retreat leader, and spiritual director. She lives in West Park, NY.