Thriving in Ministry Program

February 20, 2023 - December 31, 2025

Ordained leaders develop throughout their lives. Over time, they hone clearer insights, abilities, skills, and habits, but they also run the risk of plateauing, stagnating and resorting to “auto-pilot.” Typical continuing education programs focus on short-term bursts of new learning, and while inspiring, do not yield long-term growth. Priests need spaces where they can focus on their distinct challenges and develop new skills. Not once a year, but continuously. Not alone, but with mentors and alongside peers.

A triangle with three triangles in each corner reading Individualized Learning Goals, Repeated Practice, and Self-Assessment. Joining those three triangles is a forth one in the center that says Mentor-Coach+Peer-Learning Group.

In Thriving in Ministry, we reignite excitement and commitment for continuing growth through sustained learning relationships with highly skilled MENTOR-COACHES and colleagues in PEER-LEARNING groups as they encourage ongoing development through self-assessment, experiential learning, and purposeful practice.

To learn more about being a Mentor-Coach or Peer-Learning group participant, contact Lindsey Lewis. If you are interested in becoming a diocesan or network partner, contact David Gortner.