Theory of Change (Summer 2023)

June 12, 2023 - August 3, 2023
June 12th to August 3rd, 2023; All live sessions are 90 minutes starting at 2:30 PM EST unless otherwise stated.
Offered by Edge

Are you planning to change, grow or add a ministry? A Theory of Change is your ministry’s story of how you believe change will unfold.

June 12th to August 3rd

What impact are you having? How do you know? What difference is your ministry or program making? Learn what your mission is and understand the roles in achieving it.

The cornerstone of effective evaluation is a thorough understanding of the program you are trying to evaluate. This workshop will help you break your program or ministry down into its component parts, differentiating between things like “what you do” and “what you achieve.” Upon completion of the workshop you’ll have a completed Theory of Change and logic model.

A Theory of Change will provide a roadmap that outlines the steps by which you will achieve your mission. A Theory of Change can aid in aligning your stakeholders to your larger mission and help them understand their role in achieving it.

We’ll illustrate your Theory of Change with a logic model to show your stakeholders the intended relationship between investments and results.

Delivery/Timing (All times Eastern Time)

All live sessions are 90 minutes starting at 2:30 PM EST unless otherwise stated.

Schedule: Module 0 – Introduction (1 week prior)

Prior to June 12th, 2023: Review Program Overview and Theory of Change background material

June 13th, 2023: Live Session – Program Overview

Schedule: Module 1 – Mission Delivery (3 days)

Week of June 12th, 2023: Post Your Problem, Comment on the Problem of Others, Revise Your Problem

June 15th, 2023: Live Session – Problem & Mission Statements

Week of June 19th, 2023: Post Your Mission, Comment on the Mission of Others, Revise Your Mission

Schedule: Module 2 – Impact (2 days)

Week of June 26th, 2023: Post Your Outcomes, Comment on the Outcomes of Others, Revise Your Outcomes

June 29th, 2023: Live Session – Outcomes

Schedule: Module 3 – Delivery (2 days)

Week of July 3rd, 2023: Post Your Activities & Outputs, Comment on the Activities & Outputs of Others, Revise Your Activities & Outputs

July 6th, 2023: Live Session – Activities & Outputs

Schedule: Module 4 – Requirements (3 days)

Week of July 10th, 2023: Post Your Assumptions, Comment on the Assumptions of Others, Revise Your Assumptions

July 13th, 2023: Live Session – Assumptions & Inputs

Week of July 17th, 2023: Post Your Inputs, Comment on the Inputs of Others, Revise Your Inputs

Schedule: Module 5 – Logic Model (3 days)

July 27th, 2023: Live Session – Logic Models

Week of July 24th, 2023: Post Complete Theory of Change & Logic Model, Comment on the Logic Model of Others, Revise Your Logic Model

August 3rd, 2023: Live Session – Final Review & Evaluation Plan

Class Structure

We’re offering what will be an eight-week “train-the-trainer” version of our regular Theory of Change workshop. This workshop will be online and asynchronous, with regular live group Zoom sessions. Participants should try to conduct stakeholder meetings weekly over the course of the workshop.

This session is geared towards participants who want guidance leading their stakeholders through the Theory of Change process, though we welcome anyone who wants to develop a Theory of Change on their own. Your work in this workshop will include live group Zoom sessions that will explore and support you (examples, tools, process) in facilitating meetings with your stakeholder to build a collaborative Theory of Change. You will have access to the same online learning material as our “regular” educational workshops and we will use the discussion forums to share feedback on your work.

Class Structure:
Asynchronous Content: 7 hours
Live (Zoom) Sessions: 7 hours

This workshop is a $450 value offered for only $50 thanks to the sponsorship of EDGE.