The Power of Listening as a Sacred Art

January 15, 2016 - January 18, 2016

The Power of Listening as a Sacred Art

Workshop ID: G16CDS121
Dates: January 15, 2016January 18, 2016
Price: $263.00$625.00

There is an almost universal yearning for personal spiritual growth and development, which is nurtured by the experience of listening. This retreat is designed to explore a spiritual approach to the art of listening. It is a sacred art. It is what happens when two or more people are deeply listening to each other. It is an awareness that not only are we present to each other, but we are present to something that is spiritual, holy, sacred.

Access to listening as a sacred art is available through a fundamental context that is exemplified by three qualities: Silence, Reflection and Presence. They work together in an organic process. Each call for practices to develop the skill of deep listening.

The intentions for the course are to:

  • Enhance your capacity to listen to all people, especially the ones you find difficult.
  • Heighten your awareness and sensitivity to opportunities for deep listening.
  • Communicate with courage and compassion.
  • Speak clearly from your heart.

As we open up to listening as a spiritual practice, we find it transforms our relationships, nurtures our inner voice and inspires our spiritual growth.

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