The Gospel of Matthew: Life in the Way of God

September 1, 2023 - December 31, 2025
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Offered by Luther Seminary
St PaulMN

Experience the life and teachings of Jesus through art, reflection, and application

What you’ll learn

The Gospel of Matthew is full of implications for how we can live (and even thrive) in the 21st century, but they may not be clear without first understanding the deeper context. Having a complete framework—from the historical and the theological to the cultural and literary—is what brings the teachings of Jesus to life.

This course is where that journey begins, and you’re invited to join us. Over seven self-paced modules, you’ll incorporate the Gospel of Matthew into your day-to-day life with in-depth analysis and transformative spiritual practices. Are you ready?

Scroll down to take a peek inside and click on “Putting Matthew in Context” to get a free sample of what you’ll learn! All you’ll need to view it is a free account with us.