The Benedictine Experience: Hallowing Time

September 6, 2016 - September 11, 2016
West ParkNY

The Benedictine Experience: Hallowing Time

Tuesday, September 6 – Sunday, September 11, 2016

:: Co-sponsored by Friends of St. Benedict and Holy Cross Monastery

The Benedictine Experience offers the opportunity to live the rhythm of Benedictine life and experience its distinctive balance of time spent in prayer, study, work, rest, and community. We will pray alongside the monks for the full round of the daily offices and be in silence for most of our time. Daily conferences led by Holy Cross brothers will focus on how the cycle of monastic offices as outlined by St. Benedict help us to “hallow time.” Each day we will also spend time engaged in practical or manual work and in private study or reflection. After Compline each evening, we will enter the Great Silence until after breakfast the next morning. This time spent fully living into the monastic rhythm of life will, we hope, inculcate Benedictine values of listening, humility, silence, and hospitality, and help us to find a way to reorder our everyday lives.

The Friends of St. Benedict is an ecumenical organization that seeks to make the ancient wisdom and practice of Benedictine spirituality accessible to modern people.  The Friends have been hosting Benedictine Experience retreats at Canterbury Cathedral and a few “thin places” in the US for more than thirty years.  To learn more about the work of Friends of St. Benedict, please visit

Cost: $595, deposit: $80

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