Tentmaking in the Canadian Church: possibilities for innovation and positive disruption

April 13, 2023 - April 27, 2023
Thursdays: April 13, 20 & 27; 1:30 - 3pm ET
Offered by New Leaf Network
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The landscape of the Canadian Church is shifting. What if that is actually a good thing? What if there are opportunities to disrupt unhealthy systems and move toward a future of increasing flourishing for leaders and congregations?

One tool of disruption is to limit the influence of money on the ministry in Canada. Multivocational ministry allows leaders to earn a living from multiple sources while also having greater freedom to be truth-tellers in those places.

Join us to hear stories of tentmakers in Canada and think about the positive impact on the Canadian Church.

Week 1 (April 13) – Wisdom from old ways for new days

with Lea Wilkening & Amy Bratton

Join Lea and Amy, both from the New Leaf Network and the Canadian Thriving in Multivocational Ministry Project (CTMMP) as they cast a vision for multivocational ministry that contributes to thriving leaders and congregations across Canada.

Week 2 (April 20) – Out-of-the-Box ministry

with Beth Anne Fisher

Join us as we examine how serving in a system that doesn’t fit can impact your well-being. If you find yourself there, how can unconventional ministry set you free to answer the missional and vocational calling on your life.

Week 3 (April 27) – Boots on the Ground

with storytellers: 

  • Gabe Wee

  • Terence S

  • John Vanderstoep

Is this multivocational life sustainable? Can juggling multiple vocations and paycheques contribute to greater thriving and freedom? Hear from those who have been living this life. Gabe Wee is a Pastor at Toronto Life-Spring Christian Fellowship with his wife, Karyne, and also owns several food service businesses. Terence Schilstra is a Missional Community Leader of The Table in downtown Thorold and owns a construction supply company. John Vanderstoep is the Pastor of The Bridge and owns a real estate company.

Presenters & Storytellers