Speaking the Word Freely

January 19, 2015 - January 21, 2014


Mon, Jan 19 – 3pm
Wed, Jan 21 – 12pm


Jerry Larson
Speaking the Word Freely
Writing with Purpose … Preaching with Power!
Rev. Jerry Larson

Speaking or preaching freely is a term that I use to describe the natural way that people speak. When we preach freely, we are able to connect with our congregation in ways that help them better listen and understand. We have all had the experience of listening to a lecture being read from a manuscript and then, having the professor step aside for a few moments to speak freely. I have literally seen members of an audience come alive when a professor interrupts his/her prepared remarks and begins to speak freely. 

Speaking freely is such a powerful way of communicating that it literally can wake people up. Why does speaking freely communicate so much better in an oral setting than reading out loud or reciting a memorized text? 

Here are some of the most important reasons this is true.

1. Everything Works Together

2. Eye Contact/Eye Expression

3. What We Say Seems More Heartfelt

4. The Real Self is Revealed

5. Putting Passion into Preaching

Formerly titled ‘Process Preaching’ this popular class is now in its 8th year at Spirit in the Desert! Read some of these comments from past participants:
“This process is the missing piece I’ve been looking for–it’s a game changer for me. Before the workshop, I was
bored with preaching. Now I am energized because it is challenging to write the sermon and then prepare to speak it
freely. I’m not able to sleep on Saturday nights because I’m so ready to get into the pulpit…because, in spite of the
seriousness of the preaching event, it’s fun! Thank you for your willingness to give this tool to preachers. The Church
is strengthened because of your efforts.”

“This class should be required by every seminary! I didn’t think after 25 years in the pulpit I could be so
re-energized–and my congregation is thrilled with the “new me” speaking. Thank you for this powerful clergy tool.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect in this class. I’ve always thought of myself as a ‘natural’ in public speaking but this
changed everything I thought about myself and how to express the power of Scripture in my sermons and Bible
Study classes. I hope you continue offering this important class for pastors and all those engaged in communicating
orally with others. It’s a winner.”

Class Requirement: You must bring a sermon manuscript you are currently working on. Due to the individualized instruction required, the class is limited to 15 people…register early!

Cost & Registration: You can register online with your credit card, full payment is required upon registration. Begins at 1:30 on Monday and concludes at 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

*Cost includes tuition/meals/lodging
$320 – Double-occupancy Room
$410 – Private Room
$220 – Commuter (*tuition & meals only)

Regular Registration Fees
$235.00 Commuter
$410.00 Private Room w/ Bath
$320.00 Shared Room w/ Bath
If you need to pay by check and/or require additional lodging before or after the workshop, please call us at (480) 488-5218.
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