Parish Nursing: Meeting the Challenges of Church Wellness

Atlantic School Of Theology

This workshop will introduce participants to the role of the Parish Nurse (Faith Community Nurse) and how clergy and the Parish Nurses can work together to meet the increasing needs of an aging congregation and throughout the lifespan. Presenters: Rev. Dr. Mike Foley, Priest-in-Charge, and Sue Duncan, RN, Parish Nurse, from St. John’s Anglican Church …
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Write for Your Life: An Amherst Writers and Artists Workshop

Ghost Ranch Conference Center

This is a lively, in-depth writing retreat, based on the acclaimed Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) method developed by Pat Schneider, described in her book, “Writing Alone and With Others” (Oxford University Press), and offered by more than 1,000 workshop and retreat leaders internationally. Together as participants in Write for Your Life! we will foster …
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New Eyes for Reading the Old Testament

Vancouver School Of Theology

New Eyes for Reading the Old Testament The Old Testament: Boring? Irrelevant? Beautiful? Intriguing? This introductory lecture and workshop will help participants understand the insights and beauty found in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Background information and resources will allow a hands-on learning experience using a variety of Hebrew Bible passages so that we can hear …
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Theology for Non-Theologians

Vancouver School Of Theology

On this weekend, students will be introduced to central topics of ongoing discussion within the Christian church. Topics addressed include the Bible and imagination, Trinity and community, what does it mean to be human? Jesus and justice, and the church and the Holy Spirit. By taking this course students will become more fluent in central …
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Exploring Paperless Music and Leadership Practices

Ghost Ranch Conference Center

Share a weekend of singing, worship, and learning in community with Sylvia Miller-Mutia, David Poole, and Paul Vasile. Together we’ll explore the ancient and new practice of paperless (oral/aural tradition) music leadership, sharing songs as people did before music or words were written down. – Learn leadership skills and strategies for sharing paperless songs in …
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