Sharing Perspectives: Muslims and Christians in the Holy Land

March 20, 2015 - March 27, 2015


Sharing Perspectives: Muslims and Christians in the Holy Land


“Chrisitian Muslim relationships is a key global issue which it is vital to get right- and can have tragic consequences if we don’t “

The Most Rev. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, 2013

“ Muslims and Chrisitians together make up well over half of the world’s population.  Without Peace and Justice between these two religious communities, there can be no peace in the world”.

“A Common Word between us and you” The Royal Aad Al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought 2009.


Greater understanding between Christians and Muslims is vital to overcome the challenges which face us in the 21st century and has immense benefits for society as a whole as well as for individuals everywhere.

Jerusalem has deep significance for both Christians and Muslims and has long been a place for pilgrimage for followers of both faiths.  This course will provide a unique context for Christian Muslim dialogue by enabling leaders from both faiths to visit Holy sites in and around Jerusalem and to reflect together on their importance from both a Christian and a Muslim perspective.  We  will also hear directly from local people about their experience of life and faith in the Holy Land, gaining insights and a depth of understanding which will support us in promoting Christian Muslim dialogue and understanding in our communities back home.

St. George’s College is an Anglican Institution with a well-established programme of courses for people with a serious interest in the history of the Holy Land and the place of faith in the world today.


We hope that there will be about 20 people in the group, with an equal number of Christians and Muslims.  The course will be of particular interest to people who have influence in their faith or local community to continue the inter faith dialogue when they return home.  These are likely to include:

  • Imams and members of the clergy who work in areas where interfaith issues play a major part in daily life.
  • members of Christian and Muslims and other interfaith group

  • Christians and Muslims who are working for better understanding between the faiths in their own environment at home.


St. George’s  College Jerusalem, offers comfortable ensuite accommodation, a library, chapel  and lecture room and a quiet relaxing garden within the grounds of St. George’s Cathedral.


The of the course from arrival at St. George’s College Jerusalem, is $1600.

There will be a small additional cost for transport between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, but we hope to reduce this further through sharing arrangements.


The closing date for applications is Friday  31st January 2014.


March 20 – March 27, 2015


8 days




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