Welsh in a Week

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Welsh in a Week 19th August – 25th August 2019 Arrive with little or no knowledge of the Welsh language and Julie Brake will ensure you leave at the end of the week able to carry on a conversation in Welsh. No prior knowledge is assumed or  required – come and learn the rudiments of …
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Angles and Anglicans

Anglican Centre in Rome (The)

    Angles and Anglicans Sunday 8 September 2019 –Friday 13 Sept 2019 What are the Anglican roots in Roman soil? How can we understand the foundation and flourishing of Christianity in England, the growth of the Church of England, and the development of the Anglican Communion through the ministries of St Gregory, St Augustine, St Benedict and Theodore of Tarsus. Visiting the …
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Latin Second Steps

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Latin Second Steps 9th September – 13th September 2019 Aimed at those who have completed our Latin in a Week course or who have knowledge of Latin to GCSE standard (or higher). Read and understand extracts from the poets, comic playwrights and prose writers of Classical Latin literature. Learn about the scansion of Latin verse and some …
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In Search of the Historical Jesus

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In Search of the Historical Jesus 20th September – 22nd September 2019 Around the year 30 AD, in an insignificant province of the Roman Empire, a Jewish prophet, teacher and healer met a shameful and brutal end on a Roman cross. 2,000 years later, this obscure figure has over two billion followers and is acknowledged …
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