The Four Women Doctors: Teresa of Avila, Catherine of Siena, Therese of Lisieux, and Hildegard De Bingen

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

A SPIRITUAL FORMATION ELECTIVE DATES March 29, 7:00 p.m.-April 1, 12:30 p.m., 2020 OVERVIEW Until 1970, the Vatican had never recognized a woman as a Doctor of the Church. There are now four: Teresa of Ávila, Catherine of Siena, Thérèse of Lisieux, and Hildegard of Bingen. Despite living in different countries, centuries, and cultural contexts, these …
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Palestine of Jesus

St. George's College Jerusalem

  Palestine of Jesus The Palestine of Jesus course lasts for 10-14 days and combines biblical and historical studies with pilgrimage to selected sites connected with Jesus’ life, ministry, death, and resurrection.


University of Windsor - Canterbury College

Fundamental questions that arise in the search for meaning in our world today: how do I find a sense a sense of personal identity and worth, belonging and purpose? Some issues that arise: the new technologies and their impact; isolation, loneliness, and the need for community; gender identity and roles; the need for compassion and …

Jordan Study Tours

St. George's College Jerusalem

Jordan Study Tours During the tour you will explore some of the key biblical landscapes to the east of the Jordan River, including the lands of Moab, Edom, and Midian. The Jordan study tour is intended as an add-on to our other programmes, but can also be taken as a stand-alone module.

The Soul of Aging: A Courage & Renewal

Center for Courage & Renewal

The Soul of Aging is a four-day institute for those who have experienced one or more Courage & Renewal programs and want to lead a small group, based on the Circle of Trust® approach, in their congregation or community that addresses the spiritual dimensions of aging. “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful …
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