Retreat on the Sites

April 23, 2013 - May 2, 2013

April 23 – May 02, 2013


10 days

On their way to Emmaus, the two disciples were joined by a third person, whom they were not able to recognize, and who started to explain Scriptures for them.

“Didn’t they say to each other “Our hearts were burning within us, while he was talking to us on the road “ Luke 24:32

This course offers the opportunity to walk with Him, listen to Him, on the proximity or on a site where an event, a teaching, preaching or healing took place.The whole nature ; the mountains, the valleys, the plains, the trees, the flowers, the birds, the water and the shade will reflect His taste and may be used as an instrument allowing to feel the breeze of His presence and echo His steps and His voice.

In this context, a retreat doesn’t mean to leave for an isolated place far away from “the world”, but to share with other faithful a quality time of reading, meditating, praising and praying “as a member in the “Body of Christ” trying to answer Jesus question to His disciples today: “Who am I for you?”

This course invites participates to create a new friendship with the Lord where He started to befriend His disciples and tried to change their minds and their hearts to become the foundation and servants of the New Kingdom.

No running from site to site, but rather to spend enough of time on the site allowing the site to move within our hearts. Living this experience in depth, would grant the participant the grace to reconsider her/his Christian commitment according to the light the Spirit would have inspired! A course member may re connect with the Lord and re start with Him with a renewed Trust and a renewed Energy. The Lord is aware of our need to have some rest and reflect peacefully as He was aware of the disciples’ need for some rest, when He saw them coming back from a mission they have performed and said to them: “Have some rest, and they spent some time at the Dalmanoutha”. Mark 8-10

The course includes few optional walking trails in Galilee and in Jerusalem. These are pilgrim’s paths used by pilgrims who wanted to walk on His footsteps, back to the forth century.

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