“Rethinking Preaching” Conference 2021: How Has the Pandemic Challenged Preaching?

August 20, 2021 - August 21, 2021
9am-5pm, August 20-21, 2021
Offered by Emmanuel College
$50, free for pensioners and students, and with waivers for those unable to pay

Though preaching is one of the oldest Christian practices and has been a staple of worship for millennia, it is constantly in the process of change. Indeed, like the proverbial river that cannot be stepped into twice because the flow of the water is constantly remaking it, it is not possible to preach the same sermon twice. This is so because a sermon is made by the hearers and the time and place in which they receive the sermon. Even as preaching changes, it begs to be “rethought,” its habitual practices and status quo assumptions questioned and re-examined, while exploring the ever-new channels being carved by the Word in the midst of our lives.

Presently, a number of diverse topics have gripped preachers in newly urgent ways, such as racism and ecological well-being. Online worship and the use of technology during the pandemic is yet another topic that challenges us to rethink preaching.

Emmanuel College is pleased to invite seasoned and new preachers, students of homiletics, and participants who seek to “rethink preaching” by examining and exploring issues that are directly challenged in the wake of a number of social issues that have intensified during the global COVID moment. Our keynote speakers, Prof. Frank Thomas (Christian Theological Seminary) and Prof. Carolyn Helsel (Austin Theological Seminary), and 10 experienced workshop leaders will help us explore the changing contexts of preaching.