Re-Forming Gender Relations: A Spiritual Revolution

August 10, 2015 - August 14, 2015

Re-Forming Gender Relations: A Spiritual Revolution

Workshop ID: G15S811
Dates: August 10August 14
Price: $450.00$895.00

Join a remarkable a group of young adults as we jointly confront and dismantle personal and cultural patterns of gender conditioning, and together restore the sacred covenant between masculine and feminine. Gender relations are in a state of crisis worldwide, as evidenced by gender-based violence, dating abuse, and sexual exploitation on university campuses.

Developed over 23 years and introduced on university campuses from South Africa to Colombia, the Gender Reconciliation process draws upon universal spiritual principles and practices to empower young adults to jointly unravel gender and sexual conditioning without blame or shame, and reclaim mutual harmony, inspiration, and reverence between the sexes. Open to women and men of all sexual orientations.

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