Psalms in Interpretation–Online

January 13, 2021 - April 12, 2021
January 13th – April 12th, 2021, starting at 12pm AST

Instructor: Daniel Driver

Dates: January 13th – April 12th, 2021

Fee: $250.00 (Continuing Education participants)

Format: TBD

The Psalms have a special place in the life of the synagogue and church. Thus a major goal of this program is to see how the Psalter has fed and informed Jewish and Christian faith in various periods: biblical times, Rabbinic and Patristic periods, the Middle Ages, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, down to modern times. By interacting with recent research into the shape and shaping of the Psalter we will also consider the anthology’s unique arrangement.

Please Note: This Continuing Education program is non-credit, meaning it cannot be counted toward a degree or diploma.

For Questions please contact:

Jane Bolivar, Continuing Education Convener, AST

[email protected]