Power of Intention and Manifestation with Dorothy Becker

May 16, 2017
Offered by Bethlehem Centre
Nanaimo BC

Tue May 16, 2017
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

A Bethlehem Centre “Conscious Leadership Series” Event

Your Ideal Future is calling you. “The Power of Intention and Manifestation” offers a way of working with intention using a step-by-step process grounded by action and reflection. Participants will be able to use this process in their daily lives to foster deeper presence and align with the greater manifestation in their lives. This experiential workshop is designed with a leadership focus, specifically conscious leadership. Participants will work with an intention, action and reflection process that will support them in their presence as leaders in their lives and professionally.

This is a two-hour experiential evening, including lecture time, facilitation of an intention process, offering of an energy tool to support participants in having a clear intention, as well as dialogue and a process for working with intention in their daily work and personal lives. Dorothy’s style is well-prepared, fluid and intuitive, drawing in years of presenting and honing her subject.

The main offering is an intention process that includes five steps – 1) identifying an intention, 2) reflecting on where the person is now in that intention, 3) connecting with their ideal future self for that intention, 4) identifying major obstacles, and 5) identifying the remedy to those obstacles. Participants are given a handout worksheet to work with these steps. Participants will be offered a sample of an energy tool called Mind Gems to help with clearing the way for a deeper intention. Participants will be encouraged to work with an intention notebook to support them in a process of intention, action and reflection. Additional concepts such as the Evidence Wall may be referenced, as well as inspirational readings from the Caravan of Remembering, a book that is also be available in the Bethlehem Centre’s bookstore. The program is based on and inspired by The Way of the Heart, an organization that supports people in living the highest version of themselves.

The goal of this program is to support participants in working consciously with their intention in their work and personal lives, and to be able to discern when to act on their intention and how to reflect on the outcome of their action. This intention-action-reflection cycle is a key process for manifesting with more consciousness and success.


Dorothy Becker is a wellness advocate who often thinks outside the box for her clients. For the past 25 years, Dorothy has worked with people of all ages and conditions as a holistic counsellor in Vancouver. As part of her training in earlier years Dorothy sat with hundreds of people as they met their last moments. She saw that the biggest regret people often had at the end of their lives was not having lived the life they were created to live–the life they said yes to.  Dorothy has a Masters of Education in Counselling (ABD), and taught at the Integrative Healing Energy Program at Langara College in Vancouver. Dorothy has been an instructor with The Way of the Heart since 2003, and a practitioner since 1997.

As a co-founder of Spirit’s CallTM, Dorothy brings to Spirit’s Call a unique background in spiritual leadership, healing and creative endeavours. She attended the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Saskatoon, Canada, and the University of Goettingen in Germany, completing her Master of Divinity Degree with internships at: Friedensgemeinde, Salzgitter, Germany; Trinity Lutheran Church, Saskatoon; Abington Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia (Emergency, Surgical Trauma Intensive Care, Intermediate Care and Rehabilitation) and the Municipal Hospital in Winnipeg (Geriatrics).

From 1988 to 1996, Dorothy was pastor of a small farming community in Manitoba. During that time she also was Chair of the board of Canadian Lutheran World Relief and served on numerous other boards.

Dorothy has written scripts on development issues for international documentaries, and edited the book, Spirit’s Call – When the Spirit Touches the Soul.

Dorothy has training in a variety of holistic methods. These include Reiki (Reiki Master/Teacher), Field Work, advanced level training in Aura-Soma, and practitioner level training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Dorothy has years of experience in counselling, facilitating groups, and presenting workshops. She has completed all of the requirements for the Master of Education degree in Counselling except the dissertation.

Together with Margaret Tobin, Dorothy co-created the program: “EXPLORATIONS of the SELF – Tap your Inner Potential”. This program was an offering of both of Spirit’s Call and the University of Manitoba Counselling Service as a weekly group for Students at the University of Manitoba, and also as one day workshops for the broader community. Dorothy also taught in the Integrative Energy Healing Program at Langara College.

Dorothy works with people of all ages, including those living with chronic pain and life-threatening illness. Dorothy currently is involved full-time with Spirit’s Call, and an active practice in British Columbia. She is the area co-ordinator for The Way of the Heart in Vancouver, B.C.