Play and Praise! A celebration for all ages with Linnea Good 2012

July 17, 2012 - July 18, 2012

Play and Praise! A celebration for all ages with Linnea Good 2012

Jul 17 – Jul 18, 2012

Tue 1:00 PM – Wed 4:00 PM


From 2011 participants:

• “It was a wonderful camp and we are still singing.”

• “Linnea is so talented and so good with the children.”

•“So happy that we could attend with our two grandchildren.”

•“The variety in the Play and Praise Program is super. The leadership is perfect. You do a wonderful job at giving these children a broader outlook beyond Sunday School.

• “Our gathering after campfire with the kids was second to none for story circle and snacks.”

Join us – children with parents or guardians, grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles, friends. Or come on your own! Through inspired music and Biblical storytelling, along with creative activities, you will engage your senses, your creativity and God’s gifts. Adults will have an opportunity to explore what it means to be spiritual mentors to children.

A summer hallelujah that honours our Maker and replenishes faith!

Watch her in concert: youtube video

Support Leadership

Rev. Catherine Stuart is the United Church minister in River John, NS. She is an energetic and creative musician and dancer, formerly a member of the contemporary Christian band “The Message”.

Rick Gunn, PRG is a Christian educator and a musician who has worked for the past eight years in ministry with children, youth and adults. He is presently Minister of Youth and Music at Bedford United Church.

Program Cost: $205 adult ($117 tuition + $88 meals/accommodations)

$50 child (accompanied by adult)

Local Rate (without overnight and breakfast) $158 adult; $45 child


Linnea Good

Linnea Good has been a singer-songwriter, musical animator and educator in the Christian Church and community for 20 years. Her passion lies in creating music that helps souls to sing, that builds bridges between generations, leading to the transformation of our world.

David Jonsson

David Jonsson, Linnea’s spouse, is a drummer for all ages and worship settings.

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