Occupy Spirituality- Adam Bucko 2015

October 2, 2015 - October 4, 2015
Tatamagouche NS


Oct 2 – Oct 4, 2015 Fri 7:00 PM – Sun 1:30 PM $205.00
Is it time to replace the God of Religion with a God of Life?

Young adults are pioneering a new spirituality for a post-religious world; a spirituality that may make church authorities nervous but would most likely be admired by Jesus. Youth are rediscovering a spirituality that integrates mysticism and prophecy, faith and action. We are witnessing the emergence of a new kind of vital energetic spirituality that is no longer at ease with the dualisms of the past.

This new spirituality:

* integrates contemplation with activism and prophetic witness,

* deals with the transformation of the whole-person,

* integrates spiritual practices from various traditions,

* integrates spirituality with sexuality.

If nurtured properly, this emerging spirituality can have a world-changing effect on the future.

Program Cost: $205 (tuition, meals & accommodation)
Local Price: $165 (without overnight)

We strive to make our programs as accessible as possible.
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Adam Bucko

Adam Bucko

Adam Bucko is an activist and spiritual director to many of New York City’s homeless youth. He is also a co-author of a new groundbreaking book called Occupy Spirituality: A Radical Vision for a New Generation. He grew up in Poland during the totalitarian regime and spent his early years exploring the anarchist youth movement as a force for social and political change. At the age of 17, Adam immigrated to America where his desire to find his path towards a meaningful life led him to monasteries in the US and India. His life-defining experience took place in India, where on his way to a Himalayan hermitage, he met a homeless child who lived on the streets of Delhi. This brief encounter led him to the “Ashram of the Poor” where he began his work with homeless youth. After returning to the US, he worked on the streets of various American cities with young people struggling against homelessness and prostitution. He eventually co-founded The Reciprocity Foundation, an award winning non-profit dedicated to transforming the lives of New York City’s homeless youth.

In addition to his work with homeless youth, Adam established HAB, an ecumenical and inter-spiritual “new monastic” fellowship for young people which offers formation in radical spirituality and sacred activism. He collaborates with spiritual leaders across religious traditions and mentors young people, helping them discover a spiritual life in the 21st century and how to live deeply from the heart in service of compassion and justice. Adam is a recipient of several awards and his work has been featured by ABC News, CBS, NBC, New York Daily News, National Catholic Reporter, Ode Magazine, Yoga International Magazine and Sojourner Magazine.

Gordon Williams

Gordon Williams

Gordon Williams, Program Resource Group facilitator (PRG) is from Riverview NB. He is a graduate of the NB College of Craft and Design and has a passion for photography and cycling. Gordon has been a member of the Maritime Conference Youth Forum leadership team for several years.

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