Mountain Stories: Re-storying Faith through Collective Narrative Practice

January 7, 2017 - January 15, 2017
“Mountain Stories: Re-storying Faith through Collective Narrative Practice”   
January 7-January 15,  2017
Hosted by Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, IN, and sponsored by AMERC

Beginning in Richmond, KY and ending in New Market, TN

The course is a cultural immersion in eastern Kentucky and eastern Tennessee.  This course will focus on written and oral Appalachian stories as a basis for a narrative-based model of pastoral care through collective narrative practice that emphasizes care of individuals and communities.  Through reading and visits with storytellers, we will look at the lives of contemporary authors through narrative theology and interpret liberation theology in the Appalachian context.  Further, we will contextualize the narratives of our Hebrew matriarchs and patriarchs in conversation with indigenous mountain stories and liberative narrative practice.

Cost TBA

Deadline for application: October 1, 2016; Deadline for payment: November 1, 2016.

Dr.Suzanne Coyle
Christian Theological Seminary
1000 West 42nd St.
Indianapolis, IN 46208
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