Master of Divinity Summer Distance

June 15, 2021 - December 31, 2025
660 Francklyn Street
HalifaxNSB3H 3B5

Atlantic School of Theology is a leader in distributed theological education, and you can choose to pursue the Master of Divinity degree in a five-year “in ministry” format.  This course of study will bring you to the AST campus for six weeks every summer for five years to complete the majority of your course work through intensive study.  During the remainder of each year of the program, you will complete two further course credits through on-line study while engaged in a sustained and locally supervised ministry practicum that meets the School’s requirements and the approval of the student’s denomination and church.

In addition to meeting the regular academic requirements for admission to Atlantic School of Theology, students applying for this form of study will also demonstrate the personal qualities and study skills required for both collaborative and independent learning and have access to an up-to-date computer and Internet connection.


Summer Distance MDiv at AST – United Church students

Summer Distance MDiv at AST – Anglican and Episcopal students

Admission Requirements

The academic requirement for admission to the MDiv program is a Bachelor’s degree (or its educational equivalent) from an accredited university with a minimum of a 70% or ‘B’ grade average (or grade point average equivalent) in their undergraduate program.  Applicants to the MDiv Program should possess interests, aptitudes, and personal objectives which correspond with the MDiv Program’s purposes.

Application Deadline: March 15 to commence program in the Summer Term. (Normally students begin the program in the Summer Term and commence their supervised ministry placement in August or September.) Applications received in full after March 15 may be treated as applications to the Graduate Certificate Program in Theological Studies and admitted by the Dean on that basis to register for courses in the Summer Term. (During the Fall Term, late MDiv SD applications will be reviewed for admission to the program for the Winter Term. Courses completed as a GCTS student may be brought forward to the MDiv SD program at AST, subject to program requirements.)

For more information, contact our Recruitment and Vocations Coordinator: [email protected]

Program Information and Handbook(PDF)

The Program Information and Handbook reflect the requirements of the United Church of Canada for Ministry Based Education Programs for Ordination (MBEPO). The Summer Distance M.Div. Program is not limited to the United Church, but will be adapted to meet the requirements of other denominations, including AST’s other Founding Partners, the Anglican and Roman Catholic communities. We encourage members of communities other than the United Church to inquire about the program.

For an application form to the MDiv Degree, please refer to our Applications page.

Entrance Requirements

Participants in this program will:

  • Be admissable to a graduate professional studies program by virtue of having competed a
    bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Complete the regular AST admissions process. Be able to demonstrate the personal qualities required for both collaborative and
    independent learning. Have access to an up-to-date computer and internet connection.
  • Be engaged, for the duration of this program, in a practice of ministry that is approved as a supervised practicum site by both the School and by the participant’s ecclesial leadership.

Financial Assistance

Participants who are ordination candidates for the United Church of Canada may apply to Pine Hill Divinity Hall for financial support while studying in this program.

Pine Hill Divinity Hall Funding for Eligible UCC Students at AST

For more information, contact your Conference Office or
Ms. Brenda Munro

Pine Hill Divinity Hall Office
(902) 423-3158.

For information on any of the above, please contact our Recruitment and Vocations Coordinator: [email protected]


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