Master of Arts (Theology) graduate degree

September 1, 2020 - December 31, 2025
1349 Western Road
LondonONN6G 1H3

A rigorous academic program in theology, offering excellent preparation for doctoral research, or a superior terminal degree in theology (for those not wishing to pursue full doctoral studies), with an emphasis on the integration of theological vision and of the theological disciplines.

The Graduate MA is also a superior degree for those wishing to approach another field such as education, counselling, journalism or public policy from a perspective enriched by theological study.

The Quick Facts

  • A postgraduate research degree offered by the University of Western Ontario, drawing on resources from Anglican (Huron) and Roman Catholic (St. Peter’s, Brescia) colleges affiliated with the University, as well as from the wider university itself.
  • Develop research skills in written coursework and particularly in the preparation of a thesis constituting at least half of the workload you will undertake in the degree, providing an excellent foundation for further study to the doctoral level, or a capstone for an MA taken as a terminal degree.
  • Ideally taken over two years of full-time study (fall term, winter term, May/Summer term), in a way which allows you to continue in part-time employment (part-time study also available).
  • Courses are offered on-site at Huron University College or at St. Peter’s Seminary.
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