Into The Country Of Memory- Writing About Life’s Journeys

October 5, 2015 - October 11, 2015

Into The Country Of Memory- Writing About Life’s Journeys

Workshop ID: G15W1011C
Dates: October 5October 11
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All journeys – whether through daily life at home, far-away geography or realms of the spirit – yield gifts of insight and experience. This writing workshop is designed to help participants share the gifts of their personal journeys with others.

“Life is a journey.” Every culture in the world uses this metaphor, and it is so familiar that we often say it lightly. But all journeys – whether long or short, geographical or spiritual, ordinary or exotic – yield gifts of wisdom and insight. Telling personal stories are a way to share those gifts with others. Our stories can help them understand their lives better and can contribute to a larger sense of community, something the world desperately needs. The goal of this workshop is to help participants tell their stories so effectively that readers feel as if they are along on the journey, no matter what form that journey may take or wherever it may lead.

Whether it is called memoir or travel writing, good first-person writing requires a willingness to reveal one’s feelings. It uses the same skills that a rich life and all rewarding journeys demand: Openness to new experiences, an awareness of details and a trustworthy voice. Through in-class exercises, daily writing assignments, guided group discussion and supportive coaching from an experienced writer and teacher, this workshop will help sharpen all those skills. That makes this week a journey of its own.

Participants can expect to emerge with greater confidence in themselves and their writing ability, faith in the uniqueness of their lives, an array of specific tools to help them move forward and more ideas than they thought possible.

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