The Gathered Meeting – Online

August 14, 2020 - August 16, 2020
Offered by Pendle Hill
Basic - $55 Plus - $70
338 Plush Mill Rd.

Aug 14-16, 2020

A series of online workshops with Steven Davison via Zoom

Steve’s related pamphlet (PHP #444) is recommended reading – if you do not already have a copy, there is an option to order it when you register ($10.50 with shipping).

Limit of 30 participants. Click to view the schedule.

In this program participants will:

  • Share our experiences of gathered meetings;
  • Discuss the history of the gathered meeting and its current state in our meetings;
  • Explore together these questions:
    • What is a gathered meeting?
    • How do you know whether a meeting has been gathered?
    • Why is a gathered meeting important?
    • How can we foster gathered meetings – as individuals and meetings?
    • What challenges and opportunities do we find in participating in meeting for worship online?
    • What role does vocal ministry play in nurturing a gathered meeting?

Together, we will come away better prepared to help create opportunities for our home meetings to experience being gathered.


"The Gathered Meeting" (PHP #444)Steven Davison has been a Friend for 30 years and is currently a member of Central Philadelphia Meeting. He is the author of Pendle Hill amphlet #444, The Gathered Meeting, and the blog Through the Flaming Sword. He has experienced a number of gathered meetings for worship and now carries a ministry for fostering the gathered meeting. He has offered workshops and presentations on the gathered meeting to local meetings. He has also led workshops on other topics for Quaker meetings and at Pendle Hill, Powell House, and Woolman Hill.