Indigenous Family Wellness Learning Circle Part 1, with Jann Derrick

January 27, 2024 - January 28, 2024
January 27, 2024 - January 28, 2024

It is key to understand that Indigenous families are communal based. This is an entirely different perspective than the nuclear-based family. Relationships are essential, as are roles. Without understanding relationships as the focus, it can be perplexing and difficult when applying the individualistic approaches of the mainstream when working with Aboriginal families.

This training will provide an introduction into viewing families as a system; a collection of relationships, individuals, roles, values and beliefs. This highlights the wholistic view of the traditional Indigenous family. Colonization brought changes to Indigenous families and communities and unwrapped the family system to a large degree.

Jann teaches using a traditional systemic and experiential approach combined with didactic summaries.

This training will focus on:

  • Viewing the family as a system
  • Viewing the family now following colonization; its strength and its resistance
  • Specific themes common in families now: attachment challenges, multiple losses and grief, intergenerational trauma, survivorship tools, healing paradigms
  • Tools and wholistic approaches for helpers who walk beside the family members

Each workshop will be geared to the context of the participants and their roles in walking beside Indigenous families.

Jann Derrick, PhD

Jann has been in practice as a Registered Family Therapist since 1978. She is passionate about children and their return to the center of their families and communities.  Jann is of Irish, English and Haudensaunee ancestry and specializes in working with families, parents and communities in order that children can once again be safe, know their identity and where they belong.  She is skilled in working with Indigenous Historical Trauma, Residential School trauma, and its intergenerational effects in families and communities.

Jann devotes her time to mentoring and teaching frontline workers and professionals, supporting service delivery to Indigenous communities, and writing and publishing.

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