Indigenous Family Wellness Learning Circle Part 1, with Jann Derrick

Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre

It is key to understand that Indigenous families are communal based. This is an entirely different perspective than the nuclear-based family. Relationships are essential, as are roles. Without understanding relationships as the focus, it can be perplexing and difficult when applying the individualistic approaches of the mainstream when working with Aboriginal families. This training will …
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Indigenous Family Wellness Learning Circle Part 2, with Patricia Vickers

Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre

Outline: Senator Murray Sinclair, as the Commissioner of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, heard thousands of accounts from Indian Residential School survivors.  The discovery of child remains at Indian Residential Schools across Canada has brought into Canadian consciousness the historical atrocities that have impacted Indigenous peoples for generations. This three day training is …
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Understanding Addiction and Supporting Recovery: Strategies & Tools

Bexley Seabury Seminary

This program melds our baptismal commitment “to seek and serve Christ in all persons” and “to respect the dignity of every human being” with a longing to increase understanding about those who are predisposed to addictions and to offer them a path to recovery and wholeness. Grounded in scripture, tradition and reason, this training helps …
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Self-teaching Webinars

Center of Addiction and Faith

The link provided goes to their YouTube channel, which provides a good number of presentations on the topics of addiction and faith.  

Certificates on Christianity and Mental Health

Regent College

What does it mean to flourish as a whole person, made in the image of God? Conversations about mental health have become more visible in recent years, as scientific advances and social upheavals alike have cast new light on our inner struggles. These conversations aren’t easy or one-dimensional: they can encompass everything from everyday stress, …
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Minor in Pastoral Studies (30 Credits)

École de théologie évangélique du Québec

An initiation to Evangelical Studies by way of an incursion into Scripture, theology, missiology and pastoral practices. The student acquires conceptual tools as well as basic skills necessary to interact with and serve both Church and society. The Minor in Pastoral Studies leads to a Université Laval diploma or can be the first year of …
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