History of Christianity – Online

September 21, 2020 - December 8, 2020
15 University Ave.
WolfvilleNSB4P 2R6

Designation: CHUR 2033

Christianity developed out of the context of the Roman world as a new movement, beginning with Jesus and over time spreading to the rest of the world. This course will explore the development of different traditions and denominations, the emergence of theological ideas, and the changes in the Church as has grown and interacted with culture.

Recommended Prior Study

  • None


Dr. Christopher Killacky

Associate Professor of Theology: (902) 585-2219: [email protected]

Available Online

Take this course in an online format. Weekly assignments and readings are enhanced with online forum discussions.

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Current Schedule – Weekly – Fall Term 2020 Designation Instructor
Mon. 5-6:30pm CHUR 2033 X1 Dr. Christopher Killacky