God, Jesus and Prayer in a New Story of the Universe

October 9, 2012 - October 11, 2012
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Fort Qu'AppelleSK

Tuesday, October 9 (6 pm supper) to Thursday, October 11 (1 pm)

We live in the 21st century, a time when scientific discoveries have given us a “new story” of the Universe. In this retreat, Michael Morwood will lead us in an exploration of the implications of this “new story” on our understanding of God, Jesus and what it means to pray.

The contemporary “story” about the universe and human origins challenges us to think and pray beyond the limitations set by institutional religion’s images, language and thinking. In this retreat we will be exploring questions such as:

Who or what is “God”?

How did Jesus reveal “God” to us?

What is our primary relationship with “God”?

What is the purpose of prayer and ritual?

This retreat seeks to bring God, Jesus and prayer into our 21st century worldview. With Michael Morwood as our facilitator, we will listen, reflect, discuss and question. There will be opportunities to work with the material through: art, poetry, liturgy preparation, journalling, walking, meditation (each participant will choose what works for them).

Michael Morwood is currently the resident theologian at the Kirkridge Retreat Centre in Pennsylvania. He was at the forefront of the Progressive Christianity movement in Australia and is now widely recognized as an engaging and challenging speaker here in North America. In Advent 2010 he took part in the teleseminar series “Conversations at the Leading Edge of Faith” (www.evolutionarychristianity.com). In June 2011, he was the keynote speaker at the Atlantic Seminar in Theological Education in Truro, Nova Scotia, on the theme of Prayer.

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