Festival of Homiletics: Preaching Hope for a Weary World

May 15, 2023
5pm May 15 - 5pm May 18, 2023 (Minneapolis Time)
Offered by Luther Seminary
In person: $395 ($345 early-bird); Digital: $150 ($95 early-bird), in USD; free livestream.

“Preaching Hope for a Weary World” is the Festival’s response to the hardships and heaviness that have been our reality the last few years.

From a pandemic, to protests, to politics, and polarization; from wars, to gun violence, and climate change catastrophes, what is our call to preach?


Surprisingly, in looking back over Festival themes there has never been a focus on hope. Yet, who better to name hope into our world than preachers?

We believe in a hope that defies all odds. A hope that speaks of new life amid death. A hope that reaches for justice amid inequity. A hope that knows the promise of God’s righteousness amid fear and despair.

The Festival of Homiletics 2023 will inspire us to a renewed sense of our radical calling.

Our weary world needs us, preachers. Hope wins.

Come renew, refresh, and recharge your spirit!