Worship Leader Training

Trinity School for Ministry

Fast-Track Development With Andy Piercy (UK), Rachel Wilhelm (United Adoration), & Mike O’Brien (Vineyard) In this three-day seminar, Andy Piercy and friends will offer workshops and teaching for any active volunteer and staff worship leaders looking for practical and easily accessible advice to improve, deepen, and refresh their ministries. Join others involved in music ministry …
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Worship in the Prayer Book Tradition

Trinity School for Ministry

The Book of Common Prayer is central to understanding the distinctives, commonalities and appeal of the Anglican Way, both historically and in contemporary mission. This course challenges students toward a deep appreciation of the living Prayer Book Tradition of North American and global Anglicanism. Pastoral, biblical, theological, liturgical, aesthetic, formational and missional coherence are all …
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Stones Cry Out: Praying with the Land: Anglican Lutheran National Worship Conference

Anglican Church of Canada (Primate, National Indigenous Archbishop, National Office, General Synod and CoGS)

Our expressions of worship come with the richness of faith communities seeking to articulate their relationships with God. At the same time, the same faith-filled liturgies are embedded with the language and expressions of empire; these biases continue to exclude voices from the margins. How can our churches create liturgies that make space for these …
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Academy for Biblical Storytelling

Network of Biblical Storytellers International (USA)

Performance and Teaching The NBSI Academy for Biblical Storytelling (ABS) provides you with support and training in both the performance and teaching of biblical stories. ABS encourages you to find your individual style as well as appreciate the stories in the form they’ve been “traditioned” to us. The ultimate goal is to send you out …
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