Facing and Reducing Stubbornness

January 28, 2017
Niagara Falls ON
Facing and Reducing Stubbornness
Saturday January 28, 2017


cost: $65 includes buffet lunch

Led by. Dr. Fazzari

Obstinacy tends to produce tension in various systems of the body.  Tension tends to constrict the body and tends to give rise to a sensation of being overwhelmed.  These conditions give rise to a feeling of distrust in sudden changes, which over time turns into resistance to change as a way to give individuals a form of consideration for something they may want to experience.  Stubbornness initially arises as a way to buy people time during changes that could threaten one’s sense of integrity or way of life.

Participants will be provided with specific information that gives rise to stubbornness and will also be provided with useful steps to reduce it.