Engage Difference! Deepening Understanding for Intercultural Ministry

July 6, 2020 - July 10, 2020
Cost TBA. (includes meals and all program costs) Bursaries available. $100 deposit required by registration deadline to confirm registration Optional: This course may also be taken for academic credit. Please contact us for information. Non- residential program. Accommodation recommendations will be provided for out of town participants)

5 days focused on faith, heart, mind, and skills for the art of intercultural ministry

Engage Difference! Deepening Understanding for Intercultural Ministry (DUIM) is a 5 day interactive and engaging program with practical ideas for implementation in your own context. DUIM is for ministry leaders and community members nurturing cultural relevance, understanding, and awareness in their communities. Registration is open to anyone who is interested, or through Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning partners.


At every step the program intentionally prepares the participants to return to their communities and ministry settings, not as “experts” on intercultural ministry, but rather with tools and attitudes for engaging and facilitating their community in reflecting on intercultural ministry and ministry across difference.

In a learning community of no more than 20 participants you will spend 5 intense, gently challenging, and engaging days focusing on intercultural ministry.

The program moves through several content and conversation “phases” over the 5 days:

  1. Theoretical – theories and models of culture, how culture operates and definitions through a faith lens.
  2. Application – historical shaping of cultures in Canada, power, privilege, social location. Application of models of culture to our cultures, to church denominations (national/local expressions), to local community, and to self.
  3. Practical – resource people on how culture shapes specific areas of ministry and faith such as: theology, pastoral care, worship, music, homiletics, etc.  Tools for engaging your community in intercultural ministry.
  4. Practice – group projects and presentations, practice how to engage course content in participants contexts using an area of ministry/work as a case study.
  5. Take away – self care and support, resources, next steps, commitments. Connecting with program alumni for ongoing support and development.

The content is engaged through a variety of approaches, all of which model/help participants practise engaging the content with the community in their ministry setting. The approaches include:

  • Establishing an intentional learning community during the program to draw on the experience and knowledge of the participants
  • Worship (variety shaped by cultures)
  • An “Intercultural Mentor” accompanies the program and provides daily observations and reflections
  • Resource people for examples of practical engagement
  • Several content facilitators
  • A variety of hands-on approaches to the content that engage participants as resources, including self-reflection, group work, guest speakers and resource people, physical arts, worship, case studies and readings.
  • Practising models and activities that can be used in ministry settings
  • The ecumenical program allows practice engaging content across difference
  • Program content applicable to ministry across difference, including but not limited to ‘culture’

This holistic intensive 5 day program will help you:

  • Gain a greater understanding of your own culture and abilities and aptitudes in intercultural settings. The program will begin with the recognition that we are all shaped by culture(s). A variety of activities will help you identify and reflect on the culture(s) that shape you.
  • Engage in a faith based approach to theories of culture and healthy relationships.
  • Apply your learning to better understanding your ministry context. Ministry settings and the Canadian Church denominations have cultures shaped by a history and reality that needs to be understood as part of the process of engaging the culture(s) of your current context.
  • Practise and apply learning to your ministry responsibilities, including pastoral care, worship leadership, education, nurturing faith communities and ministry in the wider community. You will have the opportunity to choose areas of ministry on which to reflect more deeply, and will have opportunity to hear fellow participants reflections on other areas of ministry.

Sample 5 Day program
**Note– programs may vary as they are shaped by context. Contact Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning  for schedule for your program

This will be an interactive, engaging program with practical ideas for implementation in your own context.

“I don’t impress easily…but I am always impressed by the Forum. Every time I participate in one of their events or programs I know it will be well done.”

Who is this Program For?


This program is for ministry leaders and community members in Christian Churches and ministry settings who desire vibrant faith communities engaged in cultural relevance, understanding and awareness. The Engage Difference! DUIM program is shaped by theological appreciation of diversity and a justice orientation focused on mutuality and respect.

While participants will have a variety of experience with intercultural ministry, for most this will be a first experience of comprehensive cohesive faith based training in intercultural ministry.

The group of participants will be diverse, including those shaped by the ‘dominant Canadian culture(s)’ and others who see themselves marginalized by these cultures.

Participants will be able to commit to the full 5 days of the program.