Roots of Change: Interfaith Young Women’s Conference

Five Oaks Centre

For young women, ages 18-30. In the nexus of all our identities, being a person of faith within a post-modern, technological, pluralist society can be a challenge.  We want to use our skills, passion and wisdom – and collaborate with other communities – to create a just society.  Who and what am I called to …
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Religious, Spiritual, Secular: Living in a Pluralistic Culture

Vancouver School Of Theology

A Multi-Religious & Multi-Disciplinary Academic Conference Keynote Speakers: Rabbi Ted Falcon & Imam Jamal Rahman Co-authors of Getting to the Heart of Interfaith and Religion Gone Astray Registration opens March 15, 2020 Call for Papers Submissions open till February 15th, 2020 Conference Theme 75% of Canadians identify as religious or spiritual. What role do religion …
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Journey to the God of Love

Ghost Ranch Conference Center

The mystical path is the very ground of our being, but one cannot traverse it when they are spiritually asleep and/or hypnotized by the social/technological world. A true mystical experience not only unshackles the mind from religious conditioning and dogmas but also enlightens the mystic beyond any secular view of the world and opens the …
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Sacred Texts: Where Judaism, Christianity and Islam Meet

Vancouver School Of Theology

Sacred Texts: Where Judaism, Christianity and Islam Meet Learn about themes common to sacred texts in all three traditions: creation, eschatology, ethics, and the power of God. Instructor Rabbi Dr. Laura Duhan-Kaplan

Guests in God’s House

Ghost Ranch Conference Center

A Pilgrimage into Just Interfaith Living People of all religious traditions, including Christians, find their way alongside one another in our one world-home. But what happens when we engage with one another, and walk together into our deepest questions and most pressing challenges? What can we learn from one another, and do together? In this …
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