Emmanuel & St. Chad Distance Education

January 1, 1970

Emmanuel & St. Chad

Courses and Learning Opportunities

Distance Eductation / On-Line Learning

The College of Emmanuel and St. Chad does not offer any full degree program by distance education. Students who have been admitted to a degree program, and occasional students, may complete up to one full year of studies through Distance Education. Being admitted as an occasional student to do distance education courses does not guarantee admission to any degree program of the College.

BE 155Introduction to the Early Christian Scriptures I(fall term)

BE 156Introduction to the Early Christian Scriptures II(winter term)

BA 110Introduction to Jewish Bible I(fall term)

BA 111Introduction to Jewish Bible II(winter term)

SA 152Introduction to Ethics(fall and winter term offering)

For information on which courses are presently being offered contact the Registrar.

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