Effing the Ineffable – an ‘honest’ conversation about prayer

February 29, 2012 - March 1, 2012

Effing the Ineffable – an ‘honest’ conversation about prayer

Wednesday 29th February – Thursday 1st March

If your God is not a being but ‘Being’ or “the sum of your values”, – how then do you pray privately or publicly? If Jesus is for you somehow, or in some way, the (partial) embodiment of those values, – how or where does Jesus fit into the question of prayer?

If the language of public prayer ‘wars’ (I use the word advisedly as the traditional language of prayer is powerful, male and hierarchical) against your reading of faith – what language have you found that expresses your faith? If the context in which you live, move and have your being shapes your theology, – and if you accept that there are many theologies shaped by many contexts (for there is no one truth) – what is appropriate when people come together from many contexts?

If it is true that “people are shaped by the way they pray,” then hadn’t we better find a language that is shaped by a contemporary theology? First, second, sixteenth or even nineteenth or twentieth century theology cannot be our theology – if it is, aren’t tied to a fantasy? If you do find a language for public prayer (and private prayer), does that language allow for growth and development, change and challenge or does it only deify your own views and prejudices?

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