Creating Spaciousness: A New Year Sabbath Retreat

December 30, 2015 - January 2, 2016

Creating Spaciousness: A New Year Sabbath Retreat

Workshop ID: G15S1241
Dates: December 30, 2015January 2, 2016
Price: $249.50$499.00

Sabbatical is a practice honoring the rhythm of light and dark, work and rest, action and contemplation: an exercise in creating spaciousness. Shared in many forms and cultures, it honors the necessary wisdom of dormancy. Certain plant species must lay dormant in winter to bear fruit in the spring. They withdraw and pull inward to find their way. Deprived of this necessary stillness, many species will die off.

A period of deep, abiding rest, where nutrition and fertility coalesce, is more than an emotional and psychological human convenience. It is a spiritual and biological requirement.

This is the sacred pause, the ein sof, the pregnant emptiness of God. It is to this place we invite you to join with us.

Listen in the fertile quiet, as the light begins its slow return to the world. Watch carefully for what is aching to be born in you. Can we can become so still and quiet, we can hear the story we were born to offer? Can we uncover those few precious qualities, unique to us alone, that pass through us with effortless delight?

We need one another to nourish and shape our unfolding, to be rigorously honest about what we can and cannot do – and to be astonishingly merciful with ourselves and others. We are invited to serve with joy and ease, living abundantly on the earth.

All our resurrection stories begin here, in the darkest turning of the wheel. Not in spring, when life is abundant and obvious, but here – in the sanctuary of dormant Sabbath time, far removed from the relentless demands of a world seduced by its own inflated magnificence.

In the beautiful, expansive fecundity of this place called Ghost Ranch, immersed in the historic beauty of 21,000 pristine acres and an impossibly blue sky, our contemplative circle will awaken, soothe and comfort the gentle perfection of the humble destiny to which we are each called by name.

Come, all who toil and are heavy laden. Here we will find our way, find our true nature – and above all, take our rest in this sabbath retreat